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Ketogenic Pet Foods™

Ketogenic Pet Foods™ - Variety Pack

Ketogenic Pet Foods™ - Variety Pack

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The Answer to Carbohydrate-Based Pet Foods

Bundle our popular meat varieties, deliver your beloved pet(s) healthy nutritional variety, and save all at once! This Variety Pack saves about $20 as compared to purchasing each freeze-dried meat variety individually! (And nearly $30 if Turkey is added.) Feed these meat varieties as is (dry), or rehydrate -- whichever your carnivorous buddy prefers!

Ketogenic Pet Foods™ Chicken, Beef Heart & Liver, Salmon, and Turkey varieties are freeze-dried meat products blended with nutritious oils and micronutrients. Use as a standalone meal, or add to other pet foods to dramatically boost nutritional value.

The foundation these Ketogenic Pet Foods™  are natural protein and fat-rich meats, and no added starch ingredients. Healthful micronutrients and nutritious oils are incorporated to maximize nutritional value and help encourage proper metabolic balance.*

These products were formulated to be a true alternative to the never-ending collection of profit-designed, homogeneous, carbohydrate-based pet foods. Such foods can spike insulin, disrupt metabolism, and compromise wellbeing.

For individual product details of each freezedried meat in the Variety Pack, please visit the product pages:

Ketogenic Pet Foods™ - Chicken
Ketogenic Pet Foods™ - Beef Heart & Liver
Ketogenic Pet Foods™ - Salmon

Due to the high grade ingredients, hands-on manufacturing processes, and unique formulations, Ketogenic Pet Foods are necessarily costly.  Will my pet eat less Ketogenic Pet Foods?

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