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Decades of deceptive pet food marketing have hidden a fundamental nutritional truth: Carbohydrates are not a natural food form for our carnivorous pets.

Dogs and cats, like their wild ancestors/counterparts, are carnivores, and require a suitably carnivorous diet. Nevertheless, and despite brazen marketing and product packaging that imply the opposite, carbohydrates are the current foundation for the vast majority of commercial pet foods – not meats and organs.

Consider the following facts:

+   The natural canine/feline diet contains virtually no starch. Most kibble pet foods are majority starch/carbohydrates.
+   The natural canine/feline diet is high (majority) protein and fat. Most pet food is low in both of these nutrients, and mostly starch/carbohydrates.
+    The natural canine/feline diet consists of meats, organs, bone, tendons, etc. – nearly all elements of the prey creature. Pet foods most often contain these ingredients at minority levels.
+    The natural canine/feline diet creates health, not the panorama of degenerative diseases that now plague pets.

For health, pets need a return to nature; a true alternative to the never-ending collection of profit-designed, homogeneous, carbohydrate-based pet foods. Such foods can spike insulin, disrupt metabolism, and compromise wellbeing.

The foundation of Ketogenic Pet Foods™ is natural protein and fat-rich meats and organs, minus starch ingredients. Healthful micronutrients are incorporated to maximize nutritional value and help encourage proper metabolic balance.

Ketogenic Pet Foods™ stand in stark contrast to commercial pet food norms, with the goal of creating atypical, positive pet health results.